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Home Energy International offers a commercial and technical training to worldwide dealers. In this movie 4 participant organisations reflect their experience with the training and their motivation to work with Home Energy. (www.home-energy.com)


Opening Home Energy Showroom @ headquarters Schoondijke, The Netherlands

Last tuesday, the 20th of July 2010, a brand new showroom (located in Schoondijke, The Netherlands) featuring all the Home Energy products has been opened by our CFO Joost Oosterling:

Opening Home Energy Showroom @ headquarters Schoondijke, The Netherlands

Opening Home Energy Showroom @ headquarters Schoondijke, The Netherlands

Opening Home Energy Showroom @ headquarters Schoondijke, The Netherlands

VERDEK-EV Signs OEM Agreement with Home Energy Americas for “EV Island”


HEA will integrate Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations into “EV Island” to provide solar and wind power to charge electric vehicles

ROME, Georgia, May 14, 2010 – Verdek-EV announced today they have signed an OEM distribution agreement with Home Energy Americas of McKinney, Texas for the incorporation of Coulomb ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations for EV into the “EV Island”; a new, modular and sustainable vehicle port sold through HEA’s national dealer network in association
with Positive Energy Resources of Houston, the developer of EV Island. The “EV Island” features grid-tied solar and wind power to offset electricity taken from the grid by vehicles recharging. The ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations offer EV and PHEV owners a userfriendly device to charge their electric vehicles wherever they work, play and shop.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with Home Energy Americas,” said Guy Mannino, president and CEO of VERDEK-EV. “EV Island offers a sustainable solution to charging EVs with the use of solar and wind generated power. We expect one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 and solutions such as EV Island offer a great contribution to a
cleaner environment. More than 200 new EV models will be launched within the next three years; and EV Island will facilitate the use of electric vehicles. The EV Island concept that Home Energy Americas and Positive Energy Resources have put together is a fantastic way to make charging available to the public in an attractive and user-friendly station that even features WiFi for their convenience.”

Consumers wishing to charge their vehicles using the EV Island can create an account on the ChargePoint® Network by logging onto www.mychargepoint.net. The ChargePoint Network of electric vehicle charging stations is accessible to all plug-in drivers by making a toll free call to the 24/7 number on each charging station, or signing up for a ChargePoint Network access plan and obtaining a ChargePass™ smart card. Other future payment options include using any smart (RFID) credit/debit card to authorize a session to pay for charging sessions. Those looking to request a charging station in your area, visit http://www.mychargepoint.net/request-station.php or to download the ChargePoint iPhone App, click here. To locate available charging stations, visit mychargepoint.net and click “Find Stations”.


VERDEK-EV promotes EVs, NEVs and Charging Station Infrastructure to support the growth of an alternative and sustainable transportation system in North America. We encourage consumers, distributors and investors to visit our web site at www.VERDEK-EV.com. VERDEK-EV can also be viewed on Facebook and Twitter@guymannino.

McKinney Fire Station 8 Energy Ball, Home Energy Americas, LLC

Home Energy Americas V200 Energy Ball small wind turbine install at City of McKinney, Texas Fire Station 8. The 2.5 kWh roof mounted turbine quickly starts spinning and generating power. The special “Fire Engine Red” nose cone heads into the wind. www.homeenergyamericas.com